John Pearson

Frankie is an exceptional personal trainer. She has the right balance of encouragement and persistence that has enabled me to become more fit and reach my goals and then set new ones. I scuba dive, and Frankie did the research necessary to develop a workout that really paid off in the water and out. We focused on balance, core strength, stamina, and some upper and lower body strength, and I can say now that I am a much better and more confident diver. More recently, Frankie has developed an exercise plan for me as I deal with arthritis, and that takes great knowledge and skill. I am not someone who likes to exercise, but this past year working out with Frankie, I look forward to our weekly workouts. She's made a really positive impact on my quality of life.

Mayhill Fowler

"Frankie is the best! She creates a warm atmosphere where you aren’t embarrassed at your lack of physical fitness and where you can really improve your strength. You find yourself doing more than you thought you could. I started going to Frankie’s class almost a year ago and it is one of my favorite parts of my life now—I’m so grateful for having some (mild) muscles, for better knees, and for feeling like I am taking the time to do something for my body that I never used to do. And I always laugh and leave with a smile. " 10-8-2014

Bette Heins

"Frankie is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable trainer. She works with your individual strengths and weaknesses and plans programs tailored to specific needs.
She can adapt and modify any exercise so that everyone can participate. An excellent trainer, motivator and wonderful person." 10/8/2014

Terri Witek

"I've been working out in Frankie's classes for 7 years--she is a wonderful teacher.  Her classes are never boring, always challenging, and for every  exercise she offers ways to make things harder or easier--so people from 18 to mid-60's co-exist cheerfully in the same sweaty space.  How often does THAT happen?" 10/9/2014